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12X12 Ceramic Tile Finished off with Easel Back

Well all! I use to have a blog years ago. I made these ceramic tiles in 2015 and I still get requests for them in 2021.

Today, I am going to update that old blog here and share with you, how to make these wonderful gifts. I can’t begin to tell you how many I sold for Wedding or Anniversary gifts.

As you can see they were finished off professionally, or at least this old lady thinks it was professionally! The Tiles could either hang securely or stand. See how nicely the sides of the tile look?

At the time of this writing (4/28/15), I had to make 8 of these. First of all each tile takes a couple of days to make. Although beautiful, they are a labor of love.

Most all of the tiles I did for my customers were all about marriages. I truly enjoyed making them. It gave me an opportunity to pray for the couple as I made them.


I have tried several types of paint and tools to color the edges and have found my Copic to be my favorite method.  I use the brush tip to cover all the edges, flip it over and color approximately a 1/4 to 1/5  frame around the outside of the tile.

Be aware….you WILL loose your beautiful brush tip.  I have one sit aside for just this.  And need to keep a supply of tips on hand. I have a refill on order, when it comes in, I might be able to use a brush with the ink, NOT using the marker. 


This is my first, that is not a “Family Name” Tile. I have found some easy ways to do this. You know, that ol trial and error thing, we all have to go through.  Hopefully, I will save you some of my frustrations I had to go through.

It will be my example, since I am in the middle of making it.

Well, first of all, I cut the adhesive vinyl in 2 passes (Oracal 631).  Next,  I clean the surface of the tile with alcohol, being careful to stay away from the edges because my Copic is a alcohol ink.

Weed your vinyl.


Then I put the clear transfer tape on top and squeegee it down. Now I have learned to let this sit over-night, IF, I want to make my life easy.  If you take the time to let it sit, you will NOT fight picking up small pieces. It will actually separate from the transfer tape and stick to the tile easily, if you let it rest over night after you have squeegeed it down.

So just to be clear. Let the transfer tape sit on the Oracal 631 over night. Tomorrow you will place it on the tile.


After you have let the clear transfer tape sit for several hours (my choice is over night), Squeegee it again, and place on your tile.

By doing it this way, I can move the vinyl around the tile before making it permanent.

Now….Let it sit on the tile at least 1/2 hour, taking this step, lets me remove the transfer paper, without disturbing those small details.

As an example, the skinny frame on the outside, if I don’t wait, those will pull up when I remove the transfer tape, HOWEVER….it always goes very very smooth if I take that extra 1/2 hour letting the transfer tape settle on the vinyl and settle on the tile.  Often, I will let this sit over-night. You know, the older you get the more patience you have. It will give you less gray hairs…


Remove your transfer tape.  Now, if I am in a hurry, of course I can pull this off sooner.  As an example, it’s only been about 1/2 hour and look at what I am dealing with.

I prayed for patience….and let this sit for a couple of hours.  So much easier.  I never have to fight it this way.  I usually let this sit over night.

Love that scraper and those dentist tools OR my favorite is a Pazzles Tweezer. Best thing ever to weed with…I mean best thing EVER! Letting it sit for a few hours will stop that lifting from happening. So pretty. No bubbles just perfect!


Ok, ready to glue on my Easel backs.  I am using a GE Clear Silicone and a doohickey husband grabbed from the garage.  (doohickey is that device that dispenses the silicon) You can get little bottles, but buying them large is a bit of a savings.  I get about 3 tiles out of one bottle of Silicone.

Notice the black “paint” around the back of the tile. Where the Red Arrow is on the right hand side of the photo above. This is Step 1 where I tell you to paint around the edges AND at least 1/2 inch on the back side of the tile with a black that matches your vinyl and your back. I do this, because I don’t like anything showing between the easel back and the tile.

Notice the black arrow at the top center of the tile?  I do this, to make sure that when I put the easel back on, that I am putting the back on in the right direction. Hum sounds like I have done that before…

In the photo above I applied the silicone about 1/2 inch from the edge.  Don’t get to close to the edge, or it will squeeze out onto the sides…and it’s near impossible to get off.    I am just learning how to use that doohickey that the silicone goes into….so make sure, if you use one, you get someone to teach you how to use it.  Hubby is still coming in and guiding me.


Ok, Silicone on and ready for the back.  I match up the black arrow and the top of the easel back.  I get my backs at Or Etsy  Now, You WILL be excited to know how inexpensive these are, but hold that feeling, because it won’t last long when you see the shipping costs.  I think I ordered 20, which adds under 4.00 costs to each tile.  The shipping for these is horrible.  Of course, if you had to ship one to a customer, It would problem be the same price, as the box would have to be at least 14 X 14.

Ok, I make sure the edges are are lined up and the top of the back is on the top of the tile.  I place a towel under the tile, because if I scoot the tile (which I don’t want to do) I want to protect the vinyl side of the tile.  Probably don’t need to do…but I just feel better doing this.

I then move my tile to a TV tray in the living room….because this can’t be touched or bumped for 24 hours.  In my house that is the safest place. My craft room is small and I am like a bull in a china closet. I place a cloth under the vinyl side of the tile, place the tile that is now glued to it’s back and cover that with a towel.  Now I need weight!  I usually place a big heavy cast iron pot I have on top and put a 100 oz container of modge podge in the pot.  But I have all these tiles ready for delivery, and that should be enough weight.

  • Oracle 631
  • Easel Backs (This page also teaches you how to apply the Silicone) or Etsy
  • GE Silicone Clear for Kitchen and Bath
  • Pazzles Tweezers