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SKU’s and why do I need to know this…

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SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) Pronounced “Skew”.  First of all, do I even need to know…

Well if you sell on Etsy, or Amazon or really, anywhere, you do need to know.

Let’s just talk about Etsy today.  I reopened my Etsy shop in late July (2020, while in lockdown, another story.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have believe locating a particular item in my store would be hard.  Today its February 11, 2021 only 211 days later or 6 months and 27 days.

I now have 132 designs in my store.  Not so many.  However I can’t tell you how many times I needed to know, which designs are selling in a list.  Etsy does not provide this especially crossing from 1 year into another.

So as of yesterday, I decided to resolve this little problem.  First of all I needed a spreadsheet.  Not my thing so I purchased one from Emily, it’s her thing.  

My downloads from Etsy populated the spreadsheet, but because I did not have SKU’s I still could not tell how many of what did I sell crossing years.

One message to Emily…and the answer was SKU’s.

Here is how I created mine.

In Etsy, we use Sections to categorize our items.  You have seen this before.  

I use the section name then a number then a description. So for the hearts as an example I used. SectionName |number |short description Which ended up being. IJS05_HeartBundle_12/27/2020

IJS = the name of the section “I’m Just Sayen”
05 = the fifth design in the section
Heartbundle = short description
12/27/2020 = The date I listed this item….would you believe Esty does not give this to you either?

Just to go through 132 items, has taken hours.  I probably will finish by Monday.  Maybe 8 hours?  Hey, I’m old it’s just taking that long.

The reward, I can now search here. This is in the upper right hand corner of your screen when you are on your listing tab.

Second reward
I can now get meaningful reports!

Well break is over back to assigning SKU number and you can bet your bottom dollar every new listing will be done correct!

Praying I will save you some time, telling you about my mistakes.