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To Sublimate or not to sublimate….that is the question…

I tell you, this was a hard decision for me.  I have been watching this process for an awfully long time.  Well last month I took the plunge, after researching for all that time on and off again and again and again.

Sound familiar?

My phone has rung off the hook of folks wanting to know what I purchased so here it is!

See what cute things you can do.  No cutting.  No weeding, just print and press.   Ah, count me in for quick and simple crafts.  So far I have made Luggage Tags and Coffee Cups.  Clothing is next on my list!

An example of Sublimation
Daddy’s Girl, Mama’s Whole World

I am going to just summarize this for you, instead of going into all that detail.  When it came right down to the decision, all I wanted to know is what do I need.  KISS concept!

Keep It Simple Sweetie!

  1. A dedicated printer, used ONLY for sublimation printing.
  2. Laser paper OR Special Sublimation Paper.
  3. Sublimation Ink
  4. A Heat Press (if you are doing clothing, luggage tags, coasters OR you could use an Iron that heats up to 400 degrees
  5. A Mug Press (Only if you are wanting to do mugs)


What did I buy?  I am going to tell you, what and where and please know, I don’t get paid to recommend any of these products to you.

  1. Epson Eco Tank 2760 from Costco for 249.99 (Because I could not find the less expensive 2720 Model)
  2. I have Laser paper, so I purchased 8.5×11 from Crafting Besties for $24.00
  3. Sublimation Ink from Cosmos Ink for $40.00
  4. I already owned a heat press, it is a PowerPress  (If you are only doing mugs you don’t need this)
  5. I choose to get a Cricut Mug Press ($199.00) instead of the attachment for the PowerPress  (unless you are doing mugs you don’t need this)
  6. I don’t like my PowerPress because it is so dang big.  I call it the Monster.  So I am testing the Cricut Easy Press 2  If all goes well, I am selling my PowerPress so my office will look human again without that monster sitting in it 🙂  The Easy Press was 149.00

So, without the PowerPress, Mug Press or Easy Press, about $315-ish.

If you made about 30 Coffee Cups and sold them for approx 20.00 each, you would pay for the printer and mug press.

I’m Just Sayen….

4 thoughts on “To Sublimate or not to sublimate….that is the question…”

  1. Hi Robin. I’m about to get into sublimation & was wondering why some use sublimation paper & other use laser copy paper to print. Is one better than the other?

    1. Great Question Liz!

      If money is no object, Sublimation paper is a better choice.

      The simple reason is that the paper is designed to absorb more ink. This allows a crisper deeper better visible image.


      Laser paper does indeed give ALMOST the same visible image.

      So, my answer to you is, you will have to use both to see what your preferences are. We all have a distinctive style, and we all have a different customer base. What works for one, is not necessary the best choice for another crafter.

      A Ferrari, Cadillac, and a Kia will all get you down the street.

    2. Hi Liz! I am new to Sublimation myself. From what I read, they say that it works the same, just a bit less color. I am getting such beautiful results with my Sublimation paper that I have been afraid to try it. I don’t want to “waste” a mug.

      I have caught up so maybe I will try it on laser paper and post the results. When I do, I will take photo’s and tag you Liz. Thanks for such a great question.

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